Bizzy Biz: Small Business is MY business

Small business owners face an unsolvable dilemma: how does a small business owner promote their business online on a small budget with little time to spare? Until now the answer was either: Spend thousands of dollars hiring a firm to do the work, or, Ignore the negative impact of zero online presence.

Now there’s a third option: Let me jumpstart your business online, and I’ll teach you how to keep your social media and web sites updated on your own – no firm to pay!

I’m Taylor, and I grew up and worked in a family business. I saw first hand how difficult it can be to work on your business when you’re so busy working in your business. With the Yellow Pages out the window, online marketing is necessary to grow your business

Many small business owners just don’t have the time or money to establish an online presence. Marketing firms are expensive, and most of them use software that takes weeks to master. Why make it so complicated? So they can charge you even more to keep your site updated for you. Why pay cash every time you need to change your hours or make an important announcement?

Bizzy Biz can set your business up with a professional website and developed social media accounts that you can keep updated in as little as 20 minutes a week. And I can do most projects for less than $800 – just 2/3s the price a marketing firm charges for a single, simplified website – and social media sites are never included.

Email me to find out how we can work together to push your business forward!